Stylish TAXOM price modules


The new brand representing a highly promising technology of price tagging has been introduced to the Russian market. This technology can be successfully utilized in the jewellery trade. The company offers its customers a patented system of price tagging from the Austria-based company TAXOM.

Stylish TAXOM price modules



TAXOM provides an effective alternative to all other price tags on the market today, including paper, cardboard, electronic and typeset ones. Operating the TAXOM price tag modules takes the least amount of time and does not involve any complex equipment, maintenance or regular purchasing of spares.


The figure on the price tag module can easily be altered by means of the mechanical price printer, which requires a total space of 10x10 cm.

TAXOM also frees its customers from the need for separate purchasing of price tags and price tag holders. The price tag modules are decoratively framed in a wide selection of colours to match the corporate style or the design of an individual store. This allows for an easy solution of the most vital problem facing many retail stores by providing an opportunity for aesthetic and attractive pricing of the stock while moving away from hand-written price tags and unsightly plastic tag holders.

To summarize the above, TAXOM offer means no boxes with multiple spares but a compact price printer instead, no forms and blanks but reusable price tag  modules with easy to read figures, no standard price tag holders but attractive decorative frames.

The research shows that the right space organization of the store window, including well chosen price tags, can increase your sales up to 20-50%. Now TAXOM offers you a unique opportunity to confirm this finding in your own store!

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